Baihong Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. , founded in 2002, specialized production all kind of Kneader, Mixing Mill, Bucket conveyor, Batch-Off and all kinds of the whole plant equipment in process of rubber and plastic mixing refining, research and development needed equipment aim at Rubber, Plastic, Fluorine and Silicone, EVA… etc. polymer material industry.
    We uphold the "Success begins with word of mouth, Serve decided the future", only understand customers and service customers to continuous innovation equipment. We products have passed the European CE safety certification in 2008. Have been completed stage III factory and put into production in 2008.
    Our products mainly include:
    1. Pressurized Kneader(ML)
    2. Opening Mixing Mill(KL)
    3. Lab machines(ML, KL)
    4. Opening Kneader(MLK)
    5. Batch-Off machine(LPN, LPH)
    6. Bucket conveyor(BC)
    7. Three-rollers Calender(KLC)
    8. Bale Cutter(QJ)/Cutter-sheet machine(QP)
    9. Skiving machine for EVA(KP)
    10. Electrothermic Bonding and Cooling machines for EVA(JP, ZP)
    11. Made Customized
    12. Other rubber mixing auxiliary equipment
    We have professional whole factory output process design planning, welcome and thanks to the industry advanced leadership come to visit and guidance.